Boost your immune system with "BioKedr"
unique tool for the most powerful strengthening of the immune system.

"BioKedr" Far Eastern cedar cone, cleared of resin.

100% natural BIO product
What is "BioKedr"?
"BioCedar" is a product made of husk of Far Eastern cedar cone (Korean Pine) cleared of resin that grows exclusively in the Far East, which means that Far Eastern cedar has no analogues. Resin is removed in a special way, unique in the world which allows us to retain the full spectrum of the vitamins and micro-macro elements listed below.
To develop the correct method of extracting resin from cedar cone and save all 134 vital components, we spent more than 10 years. After a great number of experiments in the treatment of animal diseases such as gynecological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and others we got amazing results. Our scientists developed a technology of cedar pine cone cleaned of resin for human usage as a drink, it is called "BioCedar".
The temperature of dissolution of the resin in the body is 55-60 degrees. The average temperature of a person is 36 degrees. Because of this resin inside the human body does not dissolve, it melts and flows smoothly into the liver, clogging it and preventing it from performing its functions, and as it is known, the liver is responsible for cleaning the blood from toxic substances, therefore the use of non-purified cedar pine cones is dangerous for humans.
Territorial advantage
The results of laboratory studies of the cedar cone that grows in the forests of Russia from Siberia to the Far East showed that only the Korean pine cone, which grows in a particular part of the Russian Far East, contains the highest amount of useful components than any other cone from other regions.
Use "BioKedr"
Regular use of the product helps to achieve the following results:
The work of the endocrine glands (prostate, thyroid, gastric) is normalized
Cancer Prevention
The digestive system normalizes.
Blood sugar normalizes
Significantly decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood
Diseases of ulcers and gallstone disease are eliminated
Appetite decreases, the organism rejuvenates and the aging process stops
Treated fibroids and mastopathy
Positive effect in gynecological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal diseases
The circulatory system became stronger, the load on the heart muscle is reduced and the blood composition is normalized
Liver cleansing and stabilization
Positive effect in case of problems with hemorrhoids, arthritis, osteochondrosis, psoriasis
Positive effect on the reproductive reproductive system
Positive effect on the recovery and restoration of hair
Improves metabolism, eliminates insomnia, stress, depression and irritability
Skin, nails, joints, teeth condition improves
All results are achieved thanks to the most powerful strengthening of the immune system as a result of the body receiving the missing vitamins, amino acids and micro-macro elements.
Vitamin B6 - 0.4 mcg
Vitamin B3 - 6.4 mcg
Vitamin B2 - 0,7 mcg
Vitamin B4 - 55.8 mcg
Vitamin B5 - 0.9 mcg
Triglycerides - 0.46%
Phospholipids - 1.30%
Phytosterol - 0.28%
Kaprinovaya C - 47.1%
Palmitic C - 3.6%
Stearic C - 1.9%
Oleic C - 1.4%
Linoleic C - 16.2%
Arachinaceous C - 13%
Lignoceric C - 13%
Omega 3
Omega 9

Calcium - 580mg/kg
Fluorine - 870 mg/kg
Titanium - 1.6 mg/kg
Molybdenum - 1.1 mg/kg
Chromium - 1.5 mg/kg
Iron – 1110 mg/kg
Lead - 7.3 mg/kg
Nickel - 4.7 mg/kg
Manganese - 32.0 mg/kg
Phosphorus - 2.69 mg/kg
Cadmium - 1.0 mg/kg
Vanadium - 1.1 mg/kg
Sodium – 108 mg/kg
Arsenic - 0.017mg/kg
Strontium - 0.001 mg/kg
Barium - 4.8 mg/kg
Magnesium - 550 mg/kg
Potassium – 9980 mg/kg
Silicon – 12400 mg/kg
Antimony - 1.2 mg/kg
Tin - 1.6 mg/kg
Micro and macro elements
Vitamins and biologically active substances
Amino Acids
Fatty acids - 0.92%
In the cedar cone, cleared of resin, there is SELEN - a substance capable of reducing the incidence of cancer with almost 60% without adverse effects. Powerfully strengthens the immune system, thereby preventing diseases as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, hepatitis, positively affects the sexual functions of both men and women.

As a drink
As a powder
1. Boil one liter of water and cool it to 45ºC (thermometer included)
2. Add 7 grams of powder (1 bag)
3. Leave it for 7-8 hours
4. Drink daily morning and evening by 60- 70 g.
1. Daily morning and evening
3. Drink a glass of water
2. Take one spoon of 0.5 grams (spoon included)

Usage of one package for 3 months
Usage of one package for 2 months
Feedback from our customers:
For a year, I took a cedar pine cone as a drink at the recommended dose. As a result of this, my thyroid hormone balance returned to normal.

Analyzes from 10/21/2013: TTG - 3.7; St. T4 - 9.1.

Analyzes from 01.25.2015: TTG - 1.82; St. T4 - 14.3.

After applying "BioCedar", my blood results returned to normal and my overall health condition markedly improved. Every 10 days I did blood tests by 25 parameters and somewhere for 20 of them the results were negative. After I had used "BioCedar", without using additional medications that I took all the time, my situation changed dramatically for the better. Now I have only 2-3 indicators out of 25 with negative dynamics.
I started drinking your "BioCedar"in May 2015. After one month of usage, heartburn and stomach pain have stopped. In April, blood tests showed PSA - 5.06, by the end of May PSA - 4.45, at the end of June PSA - 3.4, at the end of July PSA 2.35. I believe that it is very effective in affecting the gastrointestinal tract, and also affects the quality of blood and removes cholesterol plaques.
Infusion of cedar cones had an anti-inflammatory effect, especially in gynecology. Increased immunity to colds.
He suffered from diabetes, but with the use of tincture, the sugar level noticeably fell (from 290 to 140-130). In Israel, our gradation is not the same as in Russia. We have from 90 to 110 is the normal.
After using the bumps, the leukocytes rose to 4.1 - I did not have such figures from the very beginning of chemotherapy. Hemoglobin from 103 to 122. I still don't know if this has anything to do with a lump - sugar has dropped significantly, although I can't say that I refuse myself sweets.
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